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DVT’s Inspired Testing model turns testing around and introduces quality at the start of the software process. We utilise a fresh approach that sees testing as an integral aspect of the development cycle, from inception to completion. We see quality as an integral driver of process, with compliant systems, integration points, portals and Apps forming a powerful technology interface. Our strength lies in knowing how to structure, execute and automate testing, using a unique combination of experience, technique and a blended onshore offshore delivery model with a scalable resource pool of 300+ QA professionals. Our model provides testing and seamless integration across all platforms, devices and environments. We understand that ultimately what we do makes a difference to the lives of our clients’ customers. DVT’s Inspired Testing model provides a measurable return on investment and ongoing real-time results, in an environment where software must work perfectly, every time. www.dvt.co.uk

DVT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Technologies, a software and technology group with 1000+ staff and eight group companies providing a diverse range of technology solutions, digital services and related core competencies. Our group companies comprise DVT (which includes the DVT Academy), Cloudsmiths, EventSmiths, Swarm, Blue Pencil Consulting, Emerald Consulting, Dynamic DNA and DTH Services. www.dynamic-tech.com

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